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Emily Short @ IRCAM

As part of our effort in InriART, directly connected to the in-progress Diana Soh Interactive Opera project, and thanks to @ronfard, we are inviting Emily Short, a prominent figure in Interactive Drama, for a seminar at Ircam and to meet with the project’s artist and interested InriART researchers.

When: June 4th, 1pm-2pm
Where: Ircam, Paris (Stravinsky Hall)

Title: The Palette of Interactivity

Abstract: Interactivity offers new ways of communicating meaning and emotional experience. Drawing on examples from games, interactive art, and digital literature, this talk provides an overview of some key effects achieved though interaction: explorable experiences, works that adjust to the needs of the viewer, pieces that offer an intellectual challenge, political arguments embedded in interactive systems, and art that challenges the audience’s moral judgment.

Bio: Emily Short is a game designer specializing in interactive narrative, dialogue, and social interaction modeling. She has written over two dozen works of interactive fiction, including the award-winning Galatea and the interactive epistolary story, First Draft of the Revolution, and is part of the design team behind Inform 7 and Versu.

Emily Short’s seminar at Ircam is announced here:

@remironfard is going to be in Paris for this, and to discuss the “Interactive Opera” project with artists… . Let us know if you’re around as well!