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Downloading microplayer

Dear OM community,

I just tried to download Microplayer, which says that it is free on the website. However when I try it tells me to add it to my cart and purchase it. However there is no icon to add it to my cart. Is it part of a package that must be purchased?

Thank you,


Dear Doug,

It’s strange. Can you retry now ? I think this is fixed. It what just free today and on. So maybe you were a little too hasty ?

If it doesn’t wortk for you , please lets us know.





Is there a MicroPlayer for a windows environment?

no, sorry the microplayer app is only available on macintosh

Is there any extension that will allow OM to play microtones in a Windows environment?

unfortunately not

you can only play 1/4 or 1/8th tone with the “MIDI channels detuning” trick (activate in preferences / MIDI : auto microtone bend or do manually as in OM tutorial #10)

Thank’s. I will try it.

Where can I find the link to download MicroPlayer ?

You’ll find it on this page :


(at the end)

Please be advised, it may not work anymore on the new OS.


I Find it, but it doesn’t work (OM find the microplayer but I don’t have sound…)
Best regards

I had vague thoughts of building my own Microplayer (in Max 7), maybe without the keyboards and stuff, just a simple OM player.

I know it uses ~fluidsynth and UDP for communications from OM. But I cannot figure out how to “receive” through the UDP . . I set up a udpreceive in MAX, but I am not sure what port (I set it to 0, looking at the old version), and I don’t know what the specs are for the information I would be receiving. So if anyone has any quick information, let me know.

Of course, maybe OM 6.10 will have something like this built-in, so there is not a reason to build one?

Chris Bailey


Building your own player in Max (and making it available :wink: is a good idea.

However I would not recommend to use the MicroPlayer protocol for that, because it is a bit odd and hard to implement.

I had planned to include a simpler OSC protocol in OM for this purpose; a few things remain to be adjusted but I could easily include it as-is in OM 6.10 if it is useful. – stay tuned


what you would receive through UDP would be a simple OSC message for each note :

/om/note [pitch-in-midic] [vel] [dur] [channel]

That sounds interesting, could you already do that with portmidi?
I suppose pitchbend for each channel depends on which pitch resolution is chosen in the Open Music score (all from 1/2, 1/3 etc. to 1/16). Should every possible intonation already be set in separate channels of the max player, or is there a way of detecting changes to pitch resolution from Max?

You can already receive MIDI events in Max (just select it instead of your usual MIDI synth)
OM should sends pitch bend events to the MIDI channels before to play if the option is selected in the preferences.
Otherwise you can send them manually, as suggested in the MIDI tutorial 10.

I think if you use Max it is much better to receive in UDP (and get the pitch in full midicent resolution).
You can then process the pitch value and decide whether to play it as such or convert into some pitchbend values etc.

what you would receive through UDP would be a simple OSC message for each note :

/om/note [pitch-in-midic] [vel] [dur] [channel]

To be clear, this is what WILL work in OM 6.10, right? This is not working yet in OM 6.9?

Yes, this is not included in 6.9.
I’ll add it in 6.10.

I want to install the micro player, but I can’t find where it is!


The microplayer is outdated and is not available. Please do use instead the r-udp-player that you will find here:

Best regards