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Double object name

Hi, I get this message when using modalys in MAX:

you have multiple files in your search path with the name _mlys.register-variable.mxo
using this file: Macintosh HD:/Applications/Modalys/Components/Max/mac/modalys/extensions/_mlys.register-variable.mxo
here are the other files with this name:
Macintosh HD:/Applications/Modalys/Components/Max/mac/modalys/externals/controllers/_mlys.register-variable.mxo

Is that a problem?
I am using the complete Modalys installation, not the MAX mac version.

Best, Hans.

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I have the same message on Windows, using Modalys for Max, but about a different file:

you have multiple files in your search path with the name _mlys.register-variable.mxe64

One file is in the .../modalys/extensions/ folder, and the other is in the .../modalys/externals folder.

Is this a problem? Is this an issue the developers should be aware of?


Hello Brian, Hans

Weicome to the discussion room !

This object is, originally, in the extensions folder, and not in the external folder, I can see that in my configuration… I am not the developer who can confirm that I am not talking nonsense but it seems quite clear, To be continued.



Ps : it’s not a problem, it’s a warning

I don’t have this object in controllers folder…


Yes you’re correct, although it was unharmful _mlys.register-variable.mxo was found twice at some point in the modalys package…
This is fixed in upcoming 3.6 version.

Thank you,

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