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Does OM work in OS Ventura yet?

Hello, are there any informations / experiences / plans concerning the functionality of Open Music in OS Ventura? Thank you!

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OM should work on ventura since LispWorks runs also on this OS.
Will soon upgrade and text it personally.



Great! I’ve thanks to a scholarship bought a new fully specked Mac MINI running Ventura. But because of other applications I use from Steinberg, iZotope and Waves, I have to wait before my iMac from 2016 is going to be retired. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Good news. OM 7.1 running under Ventura:


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Hi, @dagfinnkoch and Karim

I bought a Mac mini M1, and I’m delighted with it, with OM it works well, it’s very very fast, Max also behaves masterfully. It’s a machine that I recommend. It’s a very good music station.

Ventura is still fairly new, and there have been some changes in the system so not everything is ported to this version yet. I have problems with Java but I think we just have to wait a bit…

Ok for Izotope and Waves with Ableton Live, about Cubase : I don’t know



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Hi Jerome and Karim, thanks a lot for your comments on your experience with Ventura, Mac MINI running OM!

I’ve checked compatibility now, and Dorico (Steinberg) and Waves will run under Ventura. iZotope is not. But they are working on it.

By the way: Jonathan Wyner from iZotope (USA), that I met during the IRCAM Forum Paris 2022, has a lecture at the NOPA seminar tomorrow on taboos about AI. They invited him on my initiative. NOPA is the Norwegian society for popular composers and authors.

Best, Dagfinn

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Hello Karim,
before Ventura, did you succeed into testing with Montherey? I still have still the same problems on startup with even the 7.2 version… thanks!

Dear ratox,

Which problems? And sorry i cannot test monterey since it is not available. Apple proposed only ventura as an upgrade. And is it for M1 or Intel?

i have Intel… ant still unable to work on OM 7.2
Every time i try to create or open a workspace:
Screenshot 2023-01-24 at 02.47.37

ERROR: No applicable methods
for #<standard-generic-function
80D0C8A214> with args (nil)