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Documentation about the first Ircam version of the PatchWork

hello everybody, I have a very easy question which related with very problematic object. Is there anybody who have old - first IRCAM version of the PatchWork which was distributed on CD with pdf. documentation? In essence, I am looking for that documentation, not for PatchWork itself. I am looking for documentation about the first Ircam version of the PatchWork ( I have a version 3.0 of the documentation, April 1996, this documentation corresponds to version 2.5.1 of the software, I am looking for older one).

thank you in advance , Petrh

Dear Petrh,

[Sorry for the late reply].
After going through the archives, the oldest documentation we have IS the second edition of April 1996. No trace of a first edition in a digital form.
May i ask why do you need the first edition? I don’t think there are important changes, on the contrary the second edition is the complete revised one.


Dear Karim, thank you for rep., I am looking for the first version of the documentation because I am
working on study about the development of the IRCAM CAC tools. My study is
about the precedents - therefore I am looking for the first version. Thanks to
Jean-Baptiste Barrière I have a internal ircam manuel for Esquisse - the first
one etc. I am/was in contact with a lot of people include Mikhail Malt or
mentioned Jean-Baptiste Barrière. But nobody have the first documentation of
PatchWork. You wrote “No trace of a first edition in a digital form”. That
means that there is some “paper-form” If so (and Mikhail Malt mentioned it
but cannot find it) is there any possibility to get it? By mail (I live in
Prague - cca 1200 kilometers from Paris) ? If so, I would do
everything for it. Best Petrh