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Documentation about the first Ircam version of the PatchWork

hello everybody, I have a very easy question which related with very problematic object. Is there anybody who have old - first IRCAM version of the PatchWork which was distributed on CD with pdf. documentation? In essence, I am looking for that documentation, not for PatchWork itself. I am looking for documentation about the first Ircam version of the PatchWork ( I have a version 3.0 of the documentation, April 1996, this documentation corresponds to version 2.5.1 of the software, I am looking for older one).

thank you in advance , Petrh

Dear Petrh,

[Sorry for the late reply].
After going through the archives, the oldest documentation we have IS the second edition of April 1996. No trace of a first edition in a digital form.
May i ask why do you need the first edition? I don’t think there are important changes, on the contrary the second edition is the complete revised one.


Dear Karim, thank you for rep., I am looking for the first version of the documentation because I am
working on study about the development of the IRCAM CAC tools. My study is
about the precedents - therefore I am looking for the first version. Thanks to
Jean-Baptiste Barrière I have a internal ircam manuel for Esquisse - the first
one etc. I am/was in contact with a lot of people include Mikhail Malt or
mentioned Jean-Baptiste Barrière. But nobody have the first documentation of
PatchWork. You wrote “No trace of a first edition in a digital form”. That
means that there is some “paper-form” If so (and Mikhail Malt mentioned it
but cannot find it) is there any possibility to get it? By mail (I live in
Prague - cca 1200 kilometers from Paris) ? If so, I would do
everything for it. Best Petrh

Dear K,

Can you share this digital version ? for history…



dear Jerome, do you have that documentation? If you will be willingness to provide it you can be sure that it will by only for academic purpose. Petrh

excuse my awful english I didn’t understood you… Actually, I’m looking for the digital version for my own use…

that’s why I asked it to Karim

Fwiw i’ve got loads of old (paper) docs from PW and libs lying around here:

  1. PW Intro (v. 2 of docs, 1993), more PW docs…
  2. Esquisse, MIDI-files, Csound/Edit-sco, Situation (1994), PW-Chant (1994), Profile (1995), …
  3. SVP (1993, 1994), Audiosculpt, …

But unfortunately not much i can do to provide pdf’s of these though, too much job.


Perhaps I have some requested manuals, from an old CD (about year 2000) of an old subscription of my Institute to Ircam software. Please, tell me if can I enclose it to a next post, I don’t know if there are legal right questions. If possible I can enclose it in next days.