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Distribution or not?


There is this simple antescofo library, to use with Spat, I’ve prepared as a handy tool for my work and I wonder if I’m doing wrong distributing it, on github and soon on this forum, with a demo that includes the spat and antescofo objects (I’ve posted this on the antescofo forum too…). There is no hint in the license.txt included in the packages or may be due to a misreading. This library is not yet made public. Thanks.



There is a software license agreement here.
It states that “All software programs, elements of any software programs, and documents copyrighted by IRCAM and distributed via the IRCAM Forum remain the property of IRCAM. These software programs cannot be rented, sold, or exchanged without prior consent from IRCAM.” and “Any development or services that uses IRCAM software or the distribution of IRCAM software requires prior consent from IRCAM or a license from IRCAM.”

So, I would recommend to contact the Forum team (notably Greg Beller) with a clear description of what you intend to re-distribute.


Yes I will contact the forum team. Thank you for the link.

Can you provide an updated response to this?
(with updated link?)

Thank you


My comment still holds.
I have now updated the URL links.



Hi Thanks @tcarpent,

indeed, please contact me if you don’t know what, where, how to distribute Projects that makes use of Ircam Forum Technologies.
The simplest way is to create a Project on this website for a better diffusion.
If you want to do it another way, simply click on my name above and address to me a message that describes your best intentions…
I’m ready to help you.

All the best,