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Dicy2 Max

I have an error message : spat5.file.infos: error occurred when processing “/launch/app “/Users/moty/Documents/Max 8/Packages/Dicy2 for Max/misc/dicy2_server.app/Contents/MacOS/dicy2_server” “–recvport” 4566 “–sendport” 1233”. Reason: unsupported message ?

(cc @muller @borg @beller)
Did you download from the release here : https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/releases/dicy2/ ?
Could you specify your operating system and version of Max?
Finally, when you open Dicy2, can you check in the Max window if the version of spat5.file.infos is the one we provide in the “external” folder of Dicy2 and not another old installation of Spat in which spat5.file.infos did not yet have the “launch_app” feature?
Thank you!