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Descriptor menus are empty

Hello group,

I’ve just downloaded CataRT v1.6.4 on a Macbook Pro running macOS 10.14.3. The descriptor drop-down menus do not display the categories described in the user manual; instead, all they contain is three rows of “UnitD 0” (screenshot attached). I was able to get it working once by opening it with Max 7.3.3 instead of Max 8.0.3, but have been unable to repeat that success. The max console window displays the following:

Warning: DistX/Y descriptors not defined, will be defined now
crash recovery: patcher no longer exists at path [cataRT-app-1.6.4.maxpat]

followed by lots of “mnm.submat” and “method invalidate called on invalid object” messages.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



Hi Robert, does it help to click the “Init” button?
In your DSP settings, is overdrive on? (and Audio Interrupt off?)
Best, Diemo

I got the bug! Please retry catart app 1.6.5 and never mind the mnm.submat errors on startup.

Thanks, Diemo.

I downloaded 1.6.5. The window takes almost three minutes to open, and when it does I am unable to interact with the app; I am stuck in spinning beach-ball mode. Here is a screenshot of what the descriptor [umenu]s look like now.



please download and try again

Ah, there we go. Thanks for your quick response, Diemo!