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Default pathname features not updated

this is a minor comment about OM behavior (ubuntu) :
I have observed that when copying or moving a WS in the system’s file tree, for instance moving from /home/me/om/myworkspace to /home/me/myprojects, the default pathname for reading or writing files from a patch is still the old directory, not the new WS’s place… it’s like if the default pathname is defined one time for all when creating a workspace instead of being dynamically generated.


Dear Fred,

Yes you are right. This behavior existed a long time ago and not related to the latest update. And Yes, i think also that this is very awkward and not logical (as Spock says :slight_smile: ).
The same thing happens also to the default in-files, out-files path (in the preferences).

It is really easy to fix. Will look into this of course.


Dear Fred,

Added a reset button in preferences that resets the paths of out/in/temp directories to the current workspace. This will be available in the next upcoming version (sometime in the beginning of 2023) version 7.2

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Best regards