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Default folders in preferences do not correspond to selected Workspace


Default folders remain fixed independent of the workspace that one selects. One would expect them to change according to the Workspace one is in and not have to change them manually.

It seems that the behaviour of the outfile box is governed by this instead of pointing to the directory/Workspace that contains the patch where the box is located.

All best,


Thank you JC for pointing this out.
I am aware of the first issue. Indeed, we have to choose if it is a global or local setting.
(will take a look into that).

Concerning the second issue, it is strange, on my workspace it points to the out-files of the workspace. Please make sure that in the preferences, (General tab) the Output Files path is correctly set.


Yes, outfile points to the same place as the default output directory. I find it confusing.

I think outfile and the default output directory should always point to the outfiles folder of the Workspace unless changed by the user, easily accesible by doing something like:
(mypathname *current-workspace*)

can you send me the preferences.lisp file included in your workspace in order to see what’s wrong here?