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Data for midiCC playing, sample rate, interpolation and playing speed

Hi there,

(I hope that’s not a problem, I’m splitting my questions into a lot of threads in order to provide a better way to find answers for the next people who will come here and look for answers :slight_smile: )

The point of this one:

I want to store midi cc data for replaying purpose in tracks.
These won’t be recorded live ever, I’d generate them all along the tracks using data import or pure algo generation.

Basically, I’m questionning myself about sample rate of my tracks vs size vs speed.

I mean: I can have small size and very slow speed for reading them with that sample rate, or at the opposite a BIG size and reading this faster etc.

I’d need smooth interpolation, but I could also smooth with lines outside of my MuBu container (at the outlet of a MuBu.play for instance)

Considering this is settle up for a live performance, with a BIG MuBu container containing about 15 data tracks + 5 midi channels… the whole with about 50 buffers (maybe more)

What would be the best practices to follow at this early design stage for avoiding performances issues ?

yes, that’s the best way to do it!

Maybe the most flexible representation is to use timetagged tracks with controller values, and interpolation on playback.

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time-tagged seems very ok.
Thinking about interpolation later in the process (before parsing my data coming from MuBu) or getting a LOT of frames in MuBu and pushing these data without interpolation outside of MuBu.