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Cross-wavelet analysis with pipo wavelet?

Does anyone know how to do Cross-wavelet analysis with pipo wavelet?

interesting question. Can you elaborate?

Dear Diemo Schwarz,

I want to measure synchrony using cross wavelet coherence.
As I understand “Cross wavelet coherence” is calculated by first applying a wavelet transform to each of the signals being compared, combining these to create the cross-wavelet transform (by multiplication of one transform with the complex conjugate of the other), and finally converting this into a coherence spectrogram.
The spectrogram charts coherence at different sized frequency bands (corresponding to wavelet scales) across time, with values ranging from 0 (uncorrelated) to 1 (correlated).
By averaging the spectrogram over a set time period, a response can be obtained for that time period which charts the frequencies at which the two signals are coordinated


I’ve started something please take a lookpipo wavelet.maxpat (33.9 KB)