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Creating POLY from VOICE objects


I need a most probably simple question: I have two VOICE objects, which function I need to combine them to tree (both frequencies and rhythms) to create one POLY object containing both voices.

Thanks !!

Hi, Just make a list with your two VOICEs (function list) and connect it to the voices input of the POLY box.

See also:

Thanks, took a while to find inputs to list :slight_smile:, testing …

The function LIST has a free number “optional” inputs which can be popped out with the > key (or alt+right-arrow). I guess you found out already but here is a pointer to more detailed explanations:

Another option here is x-append (already comes with two inputs and will return the same in this case).

yes, I found that, I use two omquantify with two chord-seqs, using negative values for rests for omquantify, both pitches and durations generated external programs by myself, without checking pitch values for negative durations (ie. rests), which crashed whole OM (6.9) first, generated new values without rests, and all works.

Btw. for rests in omquantify, pitch values should 0 ? Or negative, like -1 ? Can’t find that info, seems that I should get the book, old-school programmer in terminal, very difficult to think programming visually, going slowly :slight_smile:

Thanks !!


Sorry but either send your patch or be more explicit about what you are after.

By the way for your information:
Rests are negative durations example : -1000 (equals a rest of 1 second)
Zero values are not allowed. There is no zero time except in starwars :slight_smile:
I don’t advise -1 as a value. 1 millisecond is not quantifiable !

Now if you need to get the durations from a chord-seq use “true-durations” method.
And patch it as in the screenshot. You will also get the pitches in your voice,



Still working with the patch, thanks of the advices, got all working, ie. pitches and quantified rhythms, next step is to “move” my external programs to the patch.

Thanks :slight_smile: !!