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Creating Generic Function in O 7.x

Dear Karim,

I have just one small question: In older OM-Versions it was possible to create user defined “generic functions” for frequent use. Is there still a way to define this kind of function in OM Version 7.x?
I know it’s been a long time since there was this feature as an option in the File menu.

I’ve defined a few functions for myself personally, which fortunately still work well (I really hope this will continue…).

But it would be really great if we could continue or start building functions again. Can you help?

Sincerely, Arnulf

Dear Arnulf,

In order to build your own graphical method starting from a graphical patch:

a) open the OM Packages Library window (from the OM's Windows menu under "Library", or just type ctrl+shift (apple: cmd+shift) 'p' as Package).

b) double-click on the lower side of the user's suitcase (same thing when you load a library package)
c) Now choose from the menu 'New Generic function'. Name it, and click OK

d) Now edit your code.

Now you can use it by drag&drop in a patch:

Although this is fun to make, it is better advised to use lisp code. In this case, just use from the file menu New Lisp Function, or better, write you own lib:

Hope this helps.