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Create markers issue

Hi Jean,

in a chord-seq, if I want to create a marker (shift +M ) on a note, I get this error in OM #.




about segmentation I 've a question in this patch

seg-tentative.opat (12,6 Ko)

Hi Jerome, I fixed this in OM# 1.4. But actually you can’t attach a marker to a note (only a chord).

I haven’t seen what is wrong woth the patch… ? :thinking:

Hi jean,

yes, it works, many thanks

on this patch there’s only the first segment which is mapped. Is there a way to choose any segment of the chord-seq ?

I see all segments (each one as a different measure) in the voice editor at the bottom… not you ?

Pick an element from get-segments?

Hi Jean,

Actually, I’d like to use an omquantify per segment and send all the different analysis into a voice, like we can do in segmentation mode in OM6 with concatenate-kant-voices



I think your patch does that…
Can you attach pictures maybe, so we can see what differences are ?

here’s the OM6 patch and the one I begin with OM#

seg-tentative.opat (12,9 Ko)
kant-seg.omp (14,1 Ko)

If you make the box bigger, or open the editor, you will see the other segments — no ?

Yes, you’re right for the voice editor, but even if I had all the chord-seq, but there only only one omquantify, I’d like to use several omquantify as Kant-seg do…

All the segments seem to be merge only. And I loose a lot of notes…

Is there others segmentation objects ? is there something to do with the extras inputs of map-segments ?



It depends on what you mean by that…

The extra inputs can be used to set a list of parameters to apply with omquantify, so this is where you apply different parameters on each segment.

For instance here to apply a list of different tempo values (you need to disconnect the tempo from the omquantify so it becomes a free parameter for map-segments.

Hi Jean,

thanks you for the patch, but is it something to do if I add a fourth input at map-segment ?

is it a monophonic treatment ?

If you add inputs to map-segments you need to provide the corresponding “free” inputs on omquantify.
It is just like a mapcar, except the first argument must always be a chord-seq.

Yes, omquantify is monophonic. This is the exact same algorithm that you find in OM.

to create a marker you have to select 2 notes, strange for monophonic… but it works

I’ve dig a bit this question and more see :

seg-tentative.opat (10,2 Ko)

I still have only one tempo

Yes: Tempo changes are not supported yet in OM# :confused: