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Crashes with FullSOL2020

Hello !

I am trying to use the FullSOL2020 database but it crashes.

A simple crash example:

  • create a orchidea.db.FullSOL2020 abstraction from “orchidea.db.tinySOL”
  • tell “orchidea.db.query” you are using one of the FullSOL2020 database (mfcc, spectrum).
  • it takes a short while then it makes Max crash

Just in case, I am using Max 8.1.8, OS 10.13.6 (Max is 64 bits so I do not see why it would crash).

Thanks !! :wink:



I did the same thing for MyOrch… And it works, I invite you to take a look at it…



Wooh thank you !
It still crashes with the FullSOL2020.
I will have a close look later.

Thank you !!