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Crash when playback. Orchidea 0.6 standalone


I have just recently downloaded the Orchidea standalone and I am still learning. I select target file and I orchestrate it, but whenever I try to play it back the program crashes.
Does anyone know why this could be?

Thank you very much.

Hello Alberto,

I have a good and a bad news, first the good one : A new version will be available soon. Then the bad news, I never had a crash like this.
Can you describe me the manipulation that crashes Orchidea ? So that I can try to reproduce the bug…

Do you manage to load the database before ?

What OS are you using ?



Hello Jerome,

Thanks for your reply. Great to hear about the new version, the will it be released?

I am trying Orchidea right now and this time it appears to be working fine! (But it did crash when I opened the program for the first time today). Yesterday though, the program would crash as soon as I pressed the “play” button.

The database files I am using are: _OrchideaSOL2020_release,

and the database I have loaded is:

I am currently running Orchidea on Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1.

Thank you very much. If the problem reappears I’ll write again in this topic.


P.D.: I have seen in some videos that the tutorials in the Max version of Orchidea are very detailed and extensive. Is there any documentation available for the standalone version?

Glad to see it works !

everything is coming soon…

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you’re talking about MyOrch which will be obsolete soon, If you’re a patcher, you can install the package and the databases… It will work with MaxOrch, which is a front end patch based on MyOrch

Available very soon,


Yes! Jerome and I have been hard at work on MaxOrch.
MaxOrch is a new Max patch and standalone designed to make it easier to use the Orchidea objects, while also allowing access to many of the deeper Orchidea features described in the Orchidea tutorial.

This new patch is a combination of Jerome’s MyOrch and my Orchidew patches.

The MaxOrch standalone app will soon be available as well, and will replace the existing Orchidea standalone.

Stay tuned - we’ll announce its official release soon!


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There will probably be a new version of the Orchidea standalone, MaxOrch will be another standalone…

Great to hear all of this! I’ll be on the lookout for the new standalone version of Orchidea.
:sunglasses: :ok_hand: