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CPU increase with 'spread' playback


I experience a much increased CPU load when playing back mubu audio simultaneously using supervp.scrub~ (on a mubu) or using mubu.granular~ when the playback positions are ‘spread out’. These playback objects are located inside polys or dynamicDSPs (I tried both and both have the same issue) which I use in multithread mode. I checked non-multithread mode with less voices as well and the issue is the same.
Just playing back with the playback positions close to each other is not an issue. Is there a way to tackle this issue without having parallel buffers for recording as well?

MAX 8.5.1, Monterey 12.6, Intel 8_core 16-inch 2019.

Thanks, Hans.

As an add-on question. supervp.scrub~ does not seem to work on mubu ring tracks. Is that correct?

Hi Hans, could you please clarify a bit:

increased compared to what?

Do you have a minimal test patch with all the variants?

I’m not sure, did you try it?

Hi Diemo,

Thanks for your response:

increased compared to what?

Compared to a ‘steady state’ playing just after the recording moment. I must say that due to this issue I have changed my routing and thus the issue is not imminent at the moment. I will implement some things that might come to the same issue soon though. I’ll let you know. It is sort of a hassle to make a minimal test without my instrument attached to it, but I’ll try in a few weeks. I hoped somebody might have experienced the same.

I’m not sure, did you try it?

Yes, I did and it seems to regard Mubu as a non_ring buffer. I’ll make an example for that as well.

Best, Hans.