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Converting Polymetric POLY Object to 4/4

Hi everyone!

I have this polymetric POLY object and i want to translate it into 4/4 for smoother editing in a notation software. I know of the method tree2ratio → mktree, but it seems to mess up my rhythmic proportions (see attachment).

I also found a way where I convert from POLY to MULTISEQ to POLY again, but doing it that way any rests are replaced by a tied note.

I’m wondering if there’s an alternative method of achieving what i want? Perhaps something that involves breaking a tuplet at the barline?

I hope I’ve explained myself clearly. Thank you in advance!

Dear zeracosaitam1

In your case i think the best is to run your poly in omquantify.
If you need an example, please do send the poly (or the patch).


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Hey Karim! That would be great, i’ve never used quantification before, here’s the poly instance:

POLYtofourfour.omi (633.9 KB)

Thanks four your help!

Dear zeracosaitam1

In this case, quantification will work under some conditions:
it seems that you need to “Work” on it. I see why you want to use a 4/4 steady signature, but i think this is wrong ti use 4/4 meter all through. Structurally, since you use a chord, and trill alternating patterns it is good to have your chords starting a measure like in your original sketch. So, this will not fit in a 4/4 all through meter.
In quantification, you get to choose, to change meters, tempo and subdivision definition (precision). So in this case, i think you should “work” it out, meaning split your original poly, and quantify it by chunks, this is what i usually do.

I am sending you a raw bulk quantification, so you get an idea.

Here is a patch example.
rebar.omp (3.8 MB)


PS: You can first split your poly with measures like 37/16 and modulate your tempo. Will let you know how.

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