Converting microtones to channels

Hi everybody,

I’m looking for a way to convert microtones to midi channels. I know OM does this automatically for MIDI output, but there don’t currently seem to be any patches that do this as a score function in the libraries. OMTristan has midic->canal, but this is one of the very few patches in that library that don’t work. I don’t really know how to write LISP code, so I would have to do it visually. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michals,

I have a patch that does the trick in 16th tone and in 1/4th and whatever… Since you are not ready to lisp it in code, it will be most convienient to you. Here are the two patches. Tell me if you need the lisp code, when i have time i will wrap it up for you guys.

Kquarter-midi-1.omp (29.5 KB) 16emes-midi-1 2.omp (35.2 KB)

Thank you Karim! This patch is a real beauty, and very educational. I read the documentation on the omif box about 10 times, but (with all respect to the documentation, which is very deep, but often only makes sense in retrospect) now I actually understand how to use it. :slight_smile:

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