Conflicting methods from various libs



despite the post on om-mod loading (see om-mod), I do not find how to manage conflicting names of methods from different librairies:
Even if I create a separate Lisp package (defpackage) for a OM lib of mine, an om::defmethod! of mine (for instance : ratio) is conflicting with the one of another lib (the ratio method from omcombine).
Error msg from OM when loading my lib (event if embeded in a new package) is:
lambda list (truc machin chouette) is not congruent with the lambada list of omgenericfonction memenom (then the lib won’t load).
How should I manage this error without changing names ?

Thank’s in advance.


Hello Fred

If you do :

(in-package :your-package)
(om::defmethod! your-function (args) ...)

… or

(om::defmethod! your-package::your-function (args) ...)

… then your-function will be defined in “your-package” and should not get in conflict with om::your-function


thank you Jean,
it works.
(I wrongly expected that declaring (in-package…) in the top lisp file in the lib dir was doing all the job).