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Concat for many

hello everybody,

I was looking for a function that can concatenate several chordseqs. I couldn’t find any. perhaps there is one in a om library? meanwhile I did the following with an internal lisp function:

[lista is a list of, say, chordseqs.]

(lambda (lista) (let ((buf (concat (first lista) (second lista))))
(loop for i from 2 to (1- (length lista)) collect (setq buf (concat buf (nth i lista))))

and it’s working ok. but couldn’t find a way to do it in proper graphical openmusic. is there any?
I know my inability to do it is related to my lack of understanding of recursion in openmusic. I owe to myself a better study on this matter.
sorry if this topic was addressed previously.
thanks in advance,

Hi Perti,

Here is an example with voices. Should work also with Chord-seqs.


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aha! that’s right. thank you so much Karim for enlighten me.
merci beaucoup!

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