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Comments font setting in OM 7.0

HI All,

I have searched, but it seems to me there are not precedent posts about the following.

On OM 7.0 I have set comment font preferences on Verdana 12 Normale, and color red, so in a patch if I make right-clic and choose ‘comment’ I can write a comment with the correct font, as set in preferences.

But if I press ‘c’ to make a new comment, the ‘Add comment…’ editing window appears and the temporary comment “no comment” is correctly set (Verdana 12 Normale, color red). But if I write something into editing window and then press the ‘Set’ button, the resulting comment text gets the font Consola 11 Regolare, color black.

Please, note the different setting from Normale to Regolare, in font window. I can not explain that. I have verified the same behaviouring in El Capitan and in High Sierra on Mac. On Linux Fedora 32 the font is the same of preferences, but the color red is not maintained.

Is it possible to have a unique setting for comment fonts, anyway comments are generated?

Thanks in advance, ciao


Dear Fabio,

My mistake. I will fix this in the very next coming 7.1 version.
Thanx for reporting this.

Ps: Please don’t forget to tag your thread in OpenMusic category, if not i will miss the post… :slight_smile:

Dear Karim,

Thanks to you for your work.

I will try to remember the tag… I hope to be able, I am going towards a different young age (differente giovane, in Italian) :slight_smile:



:slight_smile: (me too ) :slight_smile:

Here is a fix (to be put in the init folder):
fix140922.lisp (1.7 KB)


Dear Karim,

Really very fast! The fix is good, both in Fedora 32 and in High Sierra.

Thank you very much, ciao


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