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Cluster Engine Library for OpenMusic

Hi everyone!
I’m happy to announce the first release of the Cluster Engine Library to OpenMusic. This library was created by Örjan Sandred and ported to OM and OM#. For further information, please check the readme file and the tutorials.
I would like to thank Karim Haddad for helping with the tests and for preparing the compiled version of this library, for all platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux).

Download from GitHub:

Best Regards,
Paulo Raposo


Hi Paulo,

Great work, congrats.I have tested on OM on Fedora 32 and OsX 10.11.6 and on OM-sharp on Mac, it seems to me everything runs perfectly. I will test also on OM-sharp on Linux.

I hope I will not appear greedy :slight_smile: but are you preparing a translation also of JBS libraries? I ask because I was thinking about something similar some time ago.

Thank you for sharing, ciao


Hi Fabio,
Thanks for testing the library and I’m glad that everything is working.
About the JBS Libraries I think it’s a very good idea and I think it’s not so complicated to translate it to OM, with the exception of rules that work with pmc-score. I’m thinking in doing that soon, would you like to join me in this task?

Dear Paulo,

Thank you for your proposal. I have very little time, but if I can be useful very gladly. But, please, no problem, if you prefer to do it alone (for questions about career, publications or other possibly artistic or professional ones) it is absolutely OK for me, tell me without any problem, indeed.

We can also coordinate on mails, here are my addresses, personal and institutional: fdesanctis@teletu.it and fabio.desanctis@consli.it.

Thank you, ciao


I must also advice you that my LISP competence is limited, you can verify observing my code. I have examined Baboni-Schilingi’s code and your translation, it is more complex code that mine. But anyway I think can be useful.