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Clicks/Distortion with SuperVPSynth

I gave myself a treat for Christmas and bought the IRCAMAX1 collection for Ableton. Especially the SuperVPSynth is a fantastic device! Great job!

However, I’m afraid I’m having some problems with it. The most annoying is that I frequently get clicks or distortion when playing sounds, especially with polyphonie. I can get rid of those by reducing the window size to 512, but that makes the sound horrible. The other solution is to ramp up the buffer size of my ASIO sound card (M-Audio Delta 2496) to 4096 bytes, but that again increases the latency to something around 100ms, so that’s not really a solution either.

I realize that this device is pretty CPU intensive, but Ableton shows a max. usage around 50% (this is on Windows 7, with a recent Core i5 and 8GB RAM). I also get clicks in Mono, but the problem is much worse when playing chords.

Any help is greatly appreciated.