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Chords to series

Hi everyone

There’s a group of chords I got in OM (about 30, in a single file in a chords seq). These chords progress in various microtonal intervals in the form of a curve. I want to get sequence from these chords.

Do you have any suggestions where I can do this? It would be great if it’s possible.

All the best

Hi cgdstnk,

Sorry can you elaborate more, (send an example, or better a patch?)
A Chord-seq is already a sequence…


With another saying; I have some chords like this which evaluated. How can i evaluate series (or scales) for each chords please?

Many thanks!


Either you open each (select chord ) and type o
You will have an internal chord that you can set in arpUp view for example:

Or you can do the following:

Patch 13.omp (6.6 KB)


This was very helpful, thank you very much indeed!