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Chord-seq interval ocurrence analysis

Hi. How to analyse number of times an interval repeats vertically in a chord-seq?


BTW I wanna only know the ET intervals. No microtones

Dear Alexandre,

Can you be more specific, you mean intervals between successive notes, or inside chords, or ?

A patch will be helpful.


in chord relations, like a diad or more than two notes. In my patch I’m filtering the excess of notes before doing that, so the maximum would be 2/ 3 notes, with rare exceptions. Still, if I have, lets say, ten, knowing all of the relations would be cool.


So, in an all chord-seq, the number each diatonic interval appears in a chord.

Ok. So, But how to unlist a list?

Ok. So, But how to unlist a list? It’s another question.

still very vague. Can you be more specific by sending a sketch?
As how to “unlist a list” , well maybe you just use “flat” function to have a simple list (in Functions-> Basic Tools-> List Processing).


But you cannot unlist a list per se, ie have just elements “outside” a list