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Chord-Seq Analysis

02-PatrickChordsFFT.omp (193.1 KB) Hello

i have made a chord seq analysis from one audio file inspired by one of your example , with success . The problem is that when as export from the chord seq as a midi file , play it in my daw with the same virtual instrument and the same patch it doesn’t sound the same as when i play it directly from open music to the same virtual instrument with the same patch . Could you explain me why and what could be done to get the same result . May be the solution is to export it as a sound file from open music , but how may i achieve that , if it is possible from open music .

Thank you Patrick

Hello Patrick,
Can you be more specific on your problem:

=> what is different ?

Also, are you in OM 6.15 ? Another version ? macOS / Windows / Linux ?
Thank you


je pense qu’en exportant en midi , les durées ne semblent pas être exactes et les les arpèges ne sont pas pris en considération .
J’utilise OM 6.15 Mac OS .



It sounds like the exported midi is quantized in your daw, either upon import or before you playback.

If this is the case, you’ll have to look up the settings for quantization of raw midi time data in your daw, and turn this off if possible.

Thank you for your answer but i think that the problem is not only a quantisation one . It is that after the analysis from Transient detection -> chord-seq-analysis thru AS->om the final chord seq include some microtonal elements which i cannot export as midi . Maybe there is a way via the pitch wheel data but i do not know how to achieve that .
Do you have any idea if it is possible to do ?

Thank you


I’m not sure I can see the link between durations etc. and microtonal elements.

About microtonal elements: as you probably know MIDI in principle does not support that. OM plackack can be tuned to render 1/4 or 1/8th tone, by changing the MIDI channel for microtonal pitches and detuning these channels with a pitch-bend.

In save-as-midi, If the option :approx is set to 4 or 8, the note-channels will also be modified (distributed to channels 1-4). The option :retune-channels set to T will also include the pitchbend messages along with the other MIDI events in the exported MIDI file

It is possible that all doesn’t sound as expected depending on how your DAW imports/interprets all this…
(I am note sure this was much used/tested so far)

Thank you

i will try