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Chord input results to nil

I assume my question is in the beginner level but I just can’t find a solution. I have created a patch that generates a chord that I want to use as input information in another patch. However, the information of the chord always does not arrive, and the listener gives nil as input value.

Dear lateralus891

Yes this is normal since your second red patch is connected to the first one, you cannot evaluate INSIDE the second one, you will have a nil. On the contrary, if your patching is ok, you can add an output to the second red patch and there you will have a result OUTSIDE the red patch.
Read more here:


I actually just tried to simplify the patch to present my problem and did not add the following operations (including the output and the following poly). In the meantime, however, I have also found a solution to my problem. Thank you, sorry for the disturbance.

No problem
Next time however, please do feel free to send your patches. This will be easier to fix that way.