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Chord editor view possibilities and omloop test possibilities


some more probably trivial for the most of you questions.
I used the note object to write a fundamental note. (higher note object in the photo)
When opened, the note box was in G key. I changed it to F key and changed into F key with a a note 2 octaves lower than the original. When I closed it, it shows the F,15th down key and the note written 2 octaves higher. Is there no way to show the low E note in the written pitch?

Secondly, I have an arpUp view in the second chord object as shown in the photo. The object itself keeps showing the chord as a chord. When changed the view OM does not update the object view? I looked in the documentation and the online manual but I didn´t find something. Do I miss something? Is this note and chord editors view information somewhere concentrated in the manual?

Thirdly and last. OMLoop as a test and then collect function. I tried to use the omloop in order to select the oodp elements of a list. I didn´t make it and I created a small code in the lisp editor in order to make it:
((in-package :cl-user)
(defun collectct-oddp (list)
(loop for x in list
if (oddp x)
collect x))
Is there a way to use a test function (for example oddp or evenp) inside the omloop to collect the odd or even numbers of a list?

Thank you a lot in advance.


Dear DA,

For the first two questions, the answer unfortunately is no. The miniview is just a summary of the object itself. However, if you open the editor the display will be correct as you have chosen it to be.

For the third question, of course you can use ANY lisp standard function in your patches. Just opt-click in the patch (mac) or ctrl-click (win and linux) and just type your function. These are available in om. However you will not find them in the functions menu, since the menu will be incredibly populated with functions. All functions in the menu are om functions including some very used lisp function as (list, mapcar, etc…) Note that some lisp macros can be called, but they will not work as expected. So to be avoided.


Thank you a lot Karim!