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Chaos library - Navier-Stokes

Does anyone use the Navier-Stokes function in the Chaos library and could explain how it works? I would like to use these equations in a piece but am trying to figure out what the inlets and outlets represent.


Hi Justin,

Here is the old PW’s reference of the library. Should be the same as in OM.

PW-Chaos.2ed.pdf (439.3 KB)

Thank you for the reference! I guess I’m still wondering, does it output velocity? x/y coordinates in space? I see it says “in 5 dimensions”, but not sure what that is referring to.


sorry Justin,
Can’t help here. What I know about this equation, is that it is related to mechanic of fluids which is a really complex domain.
Here is a video explaining the function, maybe this can help(?):


Ok, thanks for the video! I will check this out.

Hi prof. Haddad,

I’d like to know if it is possible to share all the information and papers about the OM libraries? (Maybe already have some link)

I have and know some works, but I think that not all.

Dear Charles,

There is no place where all these are collected unfortunately for the moment. You still have here some collected resources:

And concerning all the “missing” lib docs, you will find their equivalent here under a PW documentation:


Enjoy :slight_smile:

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