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CataRT Standalone v1.6.6 released

  • fixes silent audio in Max versions >= 8.1.6
  • fixes pressure map editor

The CataRT standalone is distributed as a Max collective (.mxf) to avoid problems with MacOS High Sierra and later. (This means, if you don’t already have Max, you need to install it, but don’t need to register it.) It will work on Windows, but you need to install FTM-2.7, Mubu, CNMAT, Blocks, Sensel from the Forum or package manager if you need them.

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Hi Diemo,

Many thanks for your work !

Does the actual version of FTM is up to date ?



Not yet in FTM, but I think it should suffice to replace gbr.ola~.mxo.zip (30.6 KB).

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Hi Diemo,

Is 1.8.8 available through github? If so, I don’t see a reference to it. It doesn’t seem to be available in Forumnet yet.



Hi Glen,

CataRT Standalone is a product that requires a premium licence, so you are redirected to the Ircam page that presents the licences.

The repository only contains the read.md for information on the software…