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Catart-mubu-tutorials 2 - 4 crash on load with Max 8.2.2

Hi there,

I have been using the resegment tutorial on my M1 Mac (MacOs 11.4) with Max 8.2.1 and it works great. I tried loading my patch on Intel iMac (11.6.4) with Max 8.2.2 and the patch crashes on load. I also checked all the other tutorials and 2,3,4 all crash, the rest seem to be fine.

If I take the catart-mubu library out of the file path, the 2b tutorial opens without crashing but of course the vital object camu.imubu.control is missing. Hope this is useful, let me know if you want me to send any crash logs.



Hi Sebastian, can you please check if the pipo chop help file and the [p onseg-with-descr-then-edit-and-resegment] in the MuBu-howto-segmentation tutorial work?
Also please make sure no older mubu/pipo objects are in your search path (or on your iMac).
If none of this helps, we’re curious about crash logs…

Hi Diemo,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, on closer inspection the problem was an older installation of MuBu. Sorry about that, and thanks for your help :slight_smile: