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Catart m4l sync to ableton tempo

Hi–not sure where to begin with syncing ableton tempo to catart in an M4L device. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

Look at the standard Max doc, keywords: transport and metro with notevalue

getting the tempo sync to ableton is the easy part i’m just not sure where to go from the transport to have the grain triggered at that tempo

sending the bang that comes from the synced metro to the data index but there seems to be a lag or some sort of issue

Hi James, great that you found the bang message! If that lag is still there, you can check:

  1. allowrepeatmarkers
  2. the markers in the source sounds (grains might start with silence)
  3. window settings (long fade in?)

it seems to be more than an attack kind of issue, but not sure what to do. Can’t post the patch here yet since I’m new

curious how to sync a metro to mubu.concat and how the camu externals play into that