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cataRT introduction

i would like to know if the group restricted to the standalone ? I am using cataRT within Max. I joined the group to get very basic info as I’m new to the library.
I just started browsing the main introductory patch and the modules description. It appears that an object [mnm.distribute] is missing, as well as pictures. I do have the ftm library, so I am a little perplex. Should this object be replaced by another one? I also have a message regarding the sampling rate of my sound card (supposed to be set to 1 or 0). Is there something wrong with setting the sound card at 48 Khz? I have the feeling that a 44.1 Khz sampling rate doesn’t trigger that kind of message.

Should I update the library folder in some way? I just downloaded it and I’m using a recent version of FTM.

Thank you!


Hi Coralie,

yes, I’d very much like this discussion group to be about the CataRT standalone app only. For the modular patch version of CataRT, there is the concat mailing list at http://lists.ircam.fr/wws/info/concat with many very knowledgable users.
The mnm.distribute object is in the “Shared documents” of above mailing list, until a new ftm release is out.
About the sampling rate, you have to choose a sound card before opening a CataRT patch, because Max is too stupid to do so on its own after plugging out an external one.
Hope this helps, see you on the concat list for further questions!