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CataRT as collection mfx in Max8

Dear Friends,

I just installed the standalone app on my MacBook Pro running MacOS Sierra (10.12.6) running Max 8.0.1.
I’m teaching at S.Lousi Music University in Rome and I just wanted to expose the students to this very powerful paradigm.
The applications itself works more or less, there are several bugs, but the main problem is that as being a Max collection and not a
standalone application I’m not able to route the output of the CataRT app to other processing routines I developed in Max in the frequency domain (I used
to do so choosing Soundflower as output of the app).

Any possible suggestion to solve this problem would be of a great help.
Many thanks, to everyone.

Federico Placidi

Hi Federico,
thanks for the suggestion! I added, among other things, some send~ audio outputs to the new version 1.6.3 (just up): catart-L, catart-R (post fader) and catart-pre-L, catart-pre-R (pre fader) to be caught by a receive~ in separate patches.
(BTW, you could have run a separate Max instance to reuse the Soundflower trick.)
Please let us know about any bugs you have.

Hi Diemo,

Thanks a lot, this makes everything much more easy.
There is a small bug (I think it looks like a bug) when you
clear corpora and you load new ones, the lcd doesn’t adapt
to the older descriptors ( I get a straight diagonal line), so
I have to re-init the environment and then import the corpora again.
One very useful feature, would be to control the volume of each corpus
indipendently (immagine 4 corpora with five different gain paramerer)
So I can fade them in or out based on performance criteria.
Just my two cents.

Many thanks for your kindness and time.