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CataRT 1.6.5 No Sound on Max 8.1.8

Basically that, I on a MacOS 10.15.7 with Max 8.1.8.
Max’s console give the following message:

mewobj · forumproject: No such object

Then, After loading OSC-route

method invalidate called on invalid object
method setautoconnect called on invalid object

and long long list of errors on:

mnm.submat; gbr.resample ; mnm.ditribute

I’m also having error messages when I change Sapling rate on Max.

Help please !!!

Downgrade Max ! There’s a problem with Max 8.1.6 and higher a cause of a new feature blocking FTM, so CataRT

This problem with Max >= 8.1.6 is fixed in CataRT app v1.6.6.

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No sound in max 8.1.8, ok…
but how do you downgrade to max 8.1.6 ??
I can’t find any installer on the Cycling website…

I need this for a class tomorrow.



It was due to a little change in Max… Now Diemo has fixed it… in v.1.6.6 of CataRT

you can use Max 8.1.8…

try this version, which works : https://forum.ircam.fr/projects/detail/catart-standalone/



Thanks, I got it to work but only after adding “gbr.ola_.mxo” to the catart-collective-1.6.6 folder.

It’s a solution… that works… good tip ! FTM has been updated, you can find it here…