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Catalina compatibility

Dear friends,

I am thinking about to upgrade my mac to the catalina in the future (I hope it could be soon, because I would really try out the functionality like sidecar or using iPad as graphical input). I use a lot of Audiosculpt and superVP, since the current version of Audiosculpt (32bit) doesn’t compatible with catalina, I would like to know if the superVP engine is also in 32 bit and when the compatible version of Audiosculpt will be released?

As I am also user of Modalys, OM6.14, Spat and others, is there any obvious incompatibility to use them under Catalina? (for example the Libraries of OM)

Best regards,
Jialin Liu


Indeed, AS3 is not Catalina compatible for the reason you mentionned.
A new version of AS (AS4) is coming but (chut) this is a secret.
SuperVP is also 64 bits BTW and you can use some features within the Max version of it (see SuperVP for Max).
We suggest to wait before upgrading to Catalina since we have no experience at all with the compatibility of Forum Softwares.

Thanks for your patience…


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The answer may not be perfectly clear.

Indeed both SuperVP and Pm2 are 64 bit already and should - in principle - not present any problems with Catalina. If there are problems we should be able to fix them rather quickly (in a few days or a few weeks).

The work on AS4 is ongoing, but unfortunately a release data is not yet in sight. The changes are pretty far reaching and as far as I see the waiting time here is more in the order of a year than a month though.


Hi. I wish you the best during these dark days…

Is there any solution for this catalina problem with AS ? Is there anyone that can use AS with this 6 weeks old OS ? I Can’t use my favorite software anymore :cry:

Thank you very much for your answer.


You can downgrade to Mojave, you just have to create an Installation USB Key

See that video : https://youtu.be/JpKiwcj0azQ



Hi Greg, any news ubout the AS update for catalina? unfortunately I had to buy a new cpu and I’ll be happy to use again AS… Merci Laurent

Try TS2, AS3 won’t be compatible with Catalina unfortunately.

I’ll do it merci beaucoup! LD

Dear Jialin

AS is not compatible as you know. However supervp and pm2 are in 64 bit. But …
They are still not “notarized” for Catalina. We are awaiting for this.

Concerning OM, OM 6.17, it is compatible Catalina. Some OM libraries depending on externals are not (like Supevp, pm2), however, as reported by a member who upgraded, if they are already installed, they might be “allowed” to run. All other Om libraries NOT depending on external binaries should run.

Spat and Modalys are notarized also.


Hi Karim,

Thank you for the update! I have impression that the Svp worked for me with OM (om6.16 tested) and OM# on Catalina. Looking forward to the new update!


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Helle Everybody, I’m new in this Forum, and very happy to be her.I just try to use AudioSculpt on Catalina, and as you know it’s not compatible with it. Any update will be released ? And any release date to announce? Big Sur and Apple Silicon will be here next week, it’s maybe time to be Catalina compatible :wink:

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I’m really sorry t ask again, but, there is a way to make forum apps works on a recent Mac OS X ? (Catalina ?). I’m new here in this forum and every app I tried is incompatible with Catalina :worried:

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The development of AS3 is stopped. That’s why AS3 will not be available on Catalina and next OS. On the other hand, other software has taken over. For example, TS2, Catalina compatible, allows to use SuperVP, AS3’s synthesis engine. If you are familiar with command lines or OpenMusic, you can also use analysis synthesis cmd line tools on Catalina. Finally, we are in the process of porting AS3 functions to a new software, but this is still a secret. What is sure is that it will be compatible with the latest OSes and that it will be maintained.

Thank you for your answer !!

I just tried to install SuperVP, but it’s not activated and ask for an activation key with this message:

Any Idea?

Initialization failed: please register an activation key by using -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_Key.txt

This is a premium product, so it requires an authorization code. The process to get one is detailed here: https://forum.ircam.fr/shop/autorisation-des-logiciels/ (you should have a “Get the code” button in the “Subscriptions” tab of your account)…
The only difference is that you have to put the code in a text file, then pass the path to that file with the -init_key_file option. If you copy paste the code, note that it should all be on a single line (beware of fancy text editors)

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