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Catalina compatibility with OM 6.15

Is OM 6.15 compatible with the new OSX Catalina system? Or is it safe to wait a little longer before updating? A big thank you in advance for your advice.

Dear pboivin,

Apparently it works on Catalina, BUT, it is highly NOT recommended to upgrade to Catalina for the moment. Adobe, Arturia, and most companies doesn’t recommend this upgrade for the 32 bit issue.



Thank you dear Karim

Hi everyone,
Is there any update on this issue, as to whether OM6.15 is safe or not on Catalina? Anyone has tried it for some time? And if it’s not fully compatible, can we expect an OM upgrade in this regard or will it rather be to move to OM7?
Thank you in advance!

I don’t think the current OM 6.15 will run on Catalina, but the next update will be ok. We’ll make it available very soon.

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Does pm2 and superVP frameworks are in 32 bits ? I guess yes… as AudioSculpt !

Please to all of you:

Adobe, Arturia, Makemusic (Finale) have the same warning/advice. Catalina doesn’t support 32 bits applications. So you are free to venture on your own.


Both frameworks are 64-bit as well as 32-bit. They are reported not to work on Catalina, but 64-bit isn’t the issue

related info: Apple decided to add more protection for application delivery on their system which should require repackaging. It’s called notarization. another pain in the A…
for more info (just to have some kindda idea):


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I’ve decided a while back not to go further down Apple’s hole with Catalina, I’m staying on Mojave. For me Catalina represents a breaking point between a (somewhat) open and a closed software ecology in Apple products… Notarization, 32-bit, OpenGL, etc., I see it as an all-out attack, on the part of Apple, on my curatorship over my system as well as open and independent software development and use. I hope I’m wrong about this, but I don’t think so.

All the best,

Unfortunately I bought a new 16’’ macbook pro, so I’m stuck with Catalina. Is there any way run OM on it - even buggy?

any chance that pm2 will be updated to run on Catalina soon?


p.s. I’m using a new computer, so no way around Catalina …