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Can't run Vocalys example in Windows


The old Vocalys example generates this error message in Max 7/64 bits under Windows 10:
*** ERROR: Could not open file [tract_reduced_a.modal]

*** ERROR: cannot open modal data file for reading

*** ERROR: ‘tract_reduced_a.modal’

while executing script [vocalys.mlys]

The same example runs fine under MacOS X. By the way it’s strange that such a great example is not part of latest versions. The old violin example is nice too and should be included as well.

Best regards,

Roald Baudoux

Hello! Is this problem still unresolved? vocalys example gives an error message “while executing script [vocalys.mlys]”. vocalys_lua doesn’t throw an error but I can’t get sound. Maybe i need to take some additional steps? Thanks!

Hi artofmus!

Since the ‘expression’ controller is no longer available, Vocalys (as well as other classic examples and patches) is being entirely rewritten using mlys.lua. It is a work in progress, and we expect it to be ready for 3.8.2 (the current beta is 3.8.1 will be released around Ircam Forum).

Thank you for your patience,

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Finally (this thread was initiated in 2016) !

Guys. I still can’t get any sound out…(Is everything working for you? I’m looking at the vocalys_lua.maxpat example. It does not produce any errors, but there is no sound when sending midi-note-on/off messages either. What could be the problem? Thanks!