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Can't open Om-pm2 in my library

I’ve downloaded some paths to the OM library with sucess, but this one (om-pm2) is the only one that give me this error: “No applicable methods for #<standard-generic-function lib-pathname 21D1E8AA> with args (nil)”. Can anyone tell me what should I do to get this thing running? Thanks

Please can you provide more information:

  • Om version you are using
  • OS and cpu information

and please do read this about how to load libraries and their path:


Thanks for the reply K,

I’m using OM 6.20. That means that there’s already a folder “Library” inside OM as your link says. I was able to install OMTristan and Esquisse with no major problems.

My CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz and I’m working in a Windows 10 64x.

I just get it. Just changed the name of the folder to match how it was inside of it. Thanks. Sorry to Bother. I was trying this for one week. Thank K