Cannot load OMPrisma 2.35


i could solve all the problems with the libraries except the OMPrisma 2.35, when trying tom load it i have the folowing message

Error while loading the libraryb OM prisma :
"date-string got 2 args , wanted 0 "

Thank you


DATE-STRING is a system function with two optional arguments:

OMPrisma calls it at some point, with two arguments, which should be no problem.

I suspect you have loaded some other code or library before OMPrisma, which redefined the function with no arguments. Have you tried with a fresh start of OM (no other library loaded) ?

Bonjour Monsieur Bresson

vous avez raison , j’ai essaye de l’ouvrir dans un nouveau workspace en ne loadant que cette librairie et elle fonctionne .

Merci. Patrick Mimran