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Calculation of a model finished signifier and pitch bend

Dear developers,

Is there anyway to know when a modalys object has finished calculating after updating its properties? It seems that it takes some time (patch with multiple objects changing simultaneously). Further, how is the pitch band property being calibrated? I seem to get more accurate results changing the pitch than using pitch bend from a midi pitch. (again I did not make an example, but I probably can if it does not ring a bell).

Thanks in advance, Hans.

Hi Hans,
Yes it would be useful to have an example, so we can try some specific approach.

Hi, sorry I missed this reply. Currently I am more interested in the update so Modalys can also work with MAX 8.6.0 and above (see the topic) but I’ll try to make an example in a few months on this. I have sort of a work around in place for the moment.