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Bug with Filtertree on 6.19

Hello, it’s seems that the filtertree function does not work correctly with OM version 6.19. No problem with 6.18

Dear mmax,

Some fixes has been on the tree package.
Can you please describe the problem? It could be that this has been already fixed in the upcoming version.


Sorry Karim, my problem is untimely. I only find it in complex patches with large list inside omloop. I made a mistake about OM 6.18, it is in version 6.16 that my patches work correctly. I will try to fix the problem in a small patch and publish it here.

Error while evaluating the box berlig-


I fixed some issues with filtertree i discovered three days ago. So maybe it is related. First, can you send me the problematic patch, (you can do so privately if you want), and i’ll see then if i send you the fix if it is related. Indeed the tree in the error message seems not well formed. I cannot test it since it is a picture. But at first sight it is wrong.

It could be, one of two:

  1. the filtertree bug,
  2. or some programing error.

Anyhow, feel free to send me if possible the patch in question. I will be delighted to help.


silence-filtertree.omp (357.0 KB)
works under 6.16 not with 6.18 and 6.19

Thx mmax,

My bad. Figures that filtertree now has a third output. (will fix this in the upcoming version). All you have to do to make the patch work is to add this extra input by typing >

all the best

so easy to solve, thank you!