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Best practices for playing MuBu multiple tracks

Hi there,

considering I want to play ALL my tracks same speed, what is the best strategy, considering computer performances, to play my MuBu container ?

1/ data parsing/flowing
I know we can use one mubu.track for each track.
But considering I want to play ALL my tracks same speed, wouldn’t it be better to use another strategy to get all my data from the same object for instance and then unpack things ?

2/ playing cursor
In all tutorials and example, I spotted different several method to play MuBu container data.

mubu.play have an “inner” time, with a speed. it seems to be the best way of use. specifically in my case in which I’d push play and the whole thing would never be stopped until the end of the performance.
Maybe speed could vary. Maybe I’d run through this or that buffer but always playing.

Is it the best way ?
If I use multi bpf, one mubu.play would be ok. But what in a case of many tracks with unidimensionnal data ? I’d play with multiple mubu.play but what about the synchronisation of each one ?

I know we can also use one mubu.play with @trackid attributes and play all tracks for instance and it gives track id + data at its outlets (need to pack, ordre, re-unpack etc)

I’m still trying to figure out what would be the best way in my case of use.