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Beginning with SDIF…

Good morning everyone,

I’m very interested in SDIF files.

I’d like to use it with OM, AudioSculpt, and take the opportunity to get into MuBu. Maybe Spear too.

I did some research, and I found this: http://recherche.ircam.fr/equipes/analyse-synthese/sdif/extern/by-subject-main.html

But it’s pretty old…

So, I would like to know how to learn SDIF… any links ?

Thank you in advance,



I’ve moved the question here…

Dear Jerome,

Here you will find a short valuable description about the format:


Great… Thank you Karim.

Does it still exist ? the link is dead.




found this :

never tried… and that : http://sdif.sourceforge.net/

Well it is as it says, < 6.4
However you can apparentlyuse it in command line (see the link you’ve posted). Never tried it since i work on LInux :slight_smile:

However the om’s sdif editor displays the sdif frames (in 2d.)


Hi Jerome,

yes, http://sdif.sourceforge.net/ is the starting point, but SDIF is just a container format. The actual data can vary a lot. Anything specific you’re interested in?
Most useful would be things like exchanging f0, descriptors, partials between AudioSculpt, MuBu, OM, or generating spectral filters.
I tried Spear -> MuBu, and there is a glitch that will be fixed in the next release, but there is also a workaround I could tell you.

Dear Diemo,

I have an almost mythical view of SDIF. I’ve been running into it for a long time and I’m a little afraid of it.

I understood that it’s a description format… But I thought that all the descriptions were cumulated in a single format… now that I see that there are a lot of different SDIF. I can see that it’s not going to be easy…

Yes, this is how I see things… I had to do some concrete processing. I did them with om# and supervp. I really want to go deeper. In om#, there are previews of the SDIF files which are useful… and as you can read, it seems to me that it’s harder with OM6…

Really sorry about that… But good to know !

I use AudioSculpt quite often and I understand that SDIF is its “natural” format. Using MuBu will be the cherry on the cake. It makes a great focal point…

Well, I really hope it will be fixed soon, I’ll be careful but, for the moment, I’m handling it with gloves…

Yes, tell me more, please…

I will study the sourceforge contents and what Karim tells me. But I’m pretty sure that I will go back to you soon…



Hello K @haddad,

I found a library to use SDIF-Edit in OM, for the moment I’m just starting, but it seems to be very useful.

  • by searching here:
  • Reading the readme.md, I saw that there was this library

I’ve installed the library and set up the externals :


and try this patch…

I eval the last .sdif, when I double-click on it, it opens SDIF-Edit

What do you think about that ? Can I trust it ?



Hi Jerome,

What do you mean by “Can I trust it ?”


I mean’t : does it work well ?

it seems that test.sdif is empty…

It could be that YOUR sdif file is empty. Can you send the patch in order to check it out ?

PS: And better send it on OpenMusic list