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Batch processing in TS2?


I’ve only recently started using TS2.

The web page for TS2 mentions “batch processing”; however the manual makes no such reference.

My guess is that they mean that batch processing could be possible using the command-line. However, that seems to use command “svp”, which was apparently not installed on my system when I installed TS2.

For reference: what I would like to do is find some settings that I like in TS2, and then batch process folders of sounds with exactly the same command.


  • martin

Hello Martin,

I’m sorry but there is no batch processing in TS2 and there is no plan to do it… I don’t know why this feature is on the web page :person_shrugging:, we’ll contact the software distributor to remove this line.

The SuperVP command-line tool is available here for Premium members but it might be a bit difficult to adapt the command line of TS2 to the tool (especially if you’re not familiar with command-line tools so if you want to try and need help let me know).

In TS2, what you can do: insert a set of files in the track and select a region, export it, select another region, export, and so on.

I am not a premium member. I only purchased TS2. So what you’re saying is that neither the batch processing nor the command-line processing that are advertised on the webpage are actually possible without purchasing more software?

I am familiar with the command-line. That’s not an issue.

I feel that the product page is very misleading. I bought the software in good faith, thinking it would do what is advertised. TS2 by IrcamLab

I’m sorry for that. You should contact the distributor to get a refund if you want.