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Bach.score slowed down by high CPU usage


I use the bach.score in Max to playback midi for some real time synthesis.
When the CPU usage higher than 15 or 20 % I find that the score reading speed is getting more and more sluggish.

I wonder if there is a strategy to avoid this or keep the continuity of score reading at the highest priority?
Thank you for your help in advance!

Best regards,

Hi Jialinliu,

Are you on a Mac? PC?
You mention real time synthesis. Are you positive that it’s the Bach.score slowing your patch down?
Personally I haven’t experienced this using Bach.score, but if you can post your patch I will try to troubleshoot/replicate your results.


Hello Jpalamara, thank you for the response! I am using Mac.
I think this is not because of Bach, it works itself very well. When I add the other live processing to Bach (In my case I am using the crt project patch) it will be slowed down.


Interesting…if you’d like to send me your patch I can try to troubleshoot it.