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Bach - Cage - Dada

Dear Colleagues,

I am new in using this wonderful software called Orchidee. I have downloaded a standalone program and it works, though it doesn’t show durations and articulation/extended techniques information looks on top of each other, which makes it hard to read. I wonder if there is a way to resolve this problem. Also, is there a way to export the solutions to Sibelius?

I have also decided to buy Max8 and the IRCAM licence, so I could access the FullSol and audioscuplt.

I have been able to setup the Orchidea on Max8, and with the help of a friend, I was able to setup the fullsol to work, using the external hard drive to store the sounds, as they are too big for my internal hard drive to have them on the computer. This works well, however, it seems like Bach, Dada and Cage is not working as I keep on getting the message “wrong installation”, and of course I am not able to virtually see the solutions, which sounds a lot better on Max than the ones I get from the standalone interface.

Can anyone, please help me, setup correctly the Dada, Cage, and Bach?

Once this has been setup, How can I export the solutions, so that I am able to view them on Sibelius?

I thank you all in advance for your help on this matter. I apologise for these basic questions. I should mention that, I did watch the different videos on YouTube regarding the installation and watched the seminar that Carmine presented in May last year, but I still have challenges in making the software work so brilliantly as Carmine present it on that video.

kind regards,

Hi Andile,

did you had a look at MyOrch ?

it’s an easy-to-use Orchidea patcher…



Hi. please use the dedicated bachproject.net forum to post this question.
Did you try to use Max Package Manager ?

All the best

Thank you very much. Yes, I did download the package from the Max Package manager. But I will refer this to the forum you are referring to. Thank you.

Dear Jerome, Thank you so much. I have downloaded the patch MyOrch. I wonder if you have a YouTube video, where you demonstrate the patch. I am not sure, it might also be my inabilities but I have found the solutions slightly less closer to the original source, as I have been getting them with the Orchidea on Max. But this could be that< am only starting to use the Patch recently. Thank you so much Jerome, I love the fact that everything is on the same patch, from sound source to processing and virtual representation.


MyOrch is not documented. Sorry, the only support is in the patch…

A video was planned but the health crisis has blocked this.

There is already a video made by Carmine Cella where the parameters are well commented,

MyOrch exists as a Max patch because when I discovered Orchidea, I found that a central patch was missing, so I did it. I tried to integrate as many resources as possible from the Orchidea package… With Max, the approach is a bit different… but both work in three steps in the same way…

I’m delighted that you like MyOrch, I put a lot of heart into it and I had a lot of good advice, the whole Bach part is the exploitation of the patcher’s main object.

For Bach&co, I invite you to join the Patreon, https://www.patreon.com/bachproject/posts.

I invite you to install the four orchestra, TinySOL, TinySOL2020, OrchideaSOL2020, and FullSOL2020 the settings are four approaches of an orchestra, if you want some simple, TinySOL ou TinySOL2020 are sometimes the solution. To see what’s going on with several databases is very interesting