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Autorefresh miniview after slot evaluation

In the manual it says: " After evaluating, you may need to select the factory box and press m to refresh the miniview."

I need that to happen automatically.

The boxframes.lisp file holds the method definition for the miniview to change. Any suggestions on what to change in that code to make it happen automatically after slot evaluation?

(defmethod change-edit-mode ((self boxEditorFrame))

“Showpict T Showpict nil Showpict T Showpict nil,…”


(if (showpict (object self))


    (setf (showpict (object self)) nil)

    (when (minipict (iconview self))

      (om-kill-picture (minipict (iconview self)))

      (setf (minipict (iconview self)) nil))

    (om-invalidate-view self))


    (setf (showpict (object self)) t)

    (update-miniview (iconview self) (value (object self)))))))

The update-miniview method in this last line has many definitions in different files.
Maybe the one that I need to change is the one in musminiboxes.lisp, that has the defmethod with a voice parameter, which is the type of object that I’m using. (it is disabled, commented)

Hi archiduque

It is possible to automate the autorefresh BUT depending on your patch. Can you send a simple example, and will show you how to do that in visual programing.


Here is an example. Take a look in the update-miniview red patch:
score-meth.omp (24.0 KB)


Hello, I copied the update-miniview patch to use it with a voice object. I use a slot box to change the pitches. It doesn’t work. What should I do?

slots.omp (8.6 KB)

Yes ,

Of course, just lock (type b selecting the voice). Remember, lisp is a sort of a “tree” evaluation.


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